Labour Minister urges jobless Youths not to complain

By Correspondent
Labour Deputy Minister Ronard Chitotela has urged youths not to complain about lack of jobs in the country.


Chitotela has instead, told youths to be pro-active and innovative if they are to improve their lives. He said youths should not involve themselves in vices that can ruin their lives.


The minister further added that youths should not just wait to be employed but get involved in entreprenurship activities.


Meanwhile Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda has said that the development of every country is centered on youths hence it was important that youths are given an opportunity to take part in running the affairs of the country.


Chanda said he was happy that the PF government had involved a lot of youths in running the affairs of the nation.


During the 2011 general elections, many youths voted for the PF government, in the hope that a lot of jobs would be created for them within 90 days of being in power, but todate many youths are languishing the streets without jobs or they are either under employed.