Kuomboka should go ahead at all costs to please Sata

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) on Tuesday held another meeting mwa “Kashandi” and not in the usual KUTA, at where they resolved that the Kuomboka ¬†must go on despite security concerns and low water levels.According to the Barotse Post, the Kashandi is not the usual meeting place as it is the place where the Litunga sits and make his programs and sits with his cabinet of Indunas. It is also the place where he meets people who are visiting him.

Insiders say the meeting was in such a deadlock until the final hour where it was resolved that BRE go ahead with the Kuomboka ceremony preparation because President Sata insisted that in view Zambia’s scheduled hosting of the U.N.W.T.O. Zambia shouldn’t miss this opportunity to attract a lot of tourism and foreign exchange.

“As such the Litunga is expected to travel to Lealui tomorrow on Wednesday, a matter that we find laughable because Lubosi Imwiko II has been in Limulunga all year long” the insider observed.