Kuomboka is not for political fortunes – BRE

THE Barotse Royal Establishment says the forthcoming Kuomboka traditional ceremony of the Lozi people is not an occasion for parties experiencing diminishing political fortunes to revive themselves.

Addressing the nation on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation ZNBC radio on Monday, ahead of the April 20, 2013 Kuomboka Ceremony to take place in Mongu, the BRE’s Induna Muyumbana also cautioned that those bent on causing trouble at the event would be met on equal terms.

Induna Muyumbana, whose names are Mwiya Wamulume, said the royal establishment wanted a peaceful Kuomboka Ceremony and that no political rhetoric or attire would therefore be allowed.

“This is not a time for someone to come and say ‘we are winning in 2016′,” Induna Muyumbana said. “This is not an occasion for people to say ‘I belong to Linyungandambo or to MOREBA’.