Koumboka ceremony underway

Nalikwanda leaving Lealui Saturday morning

Nalikwanda leaving Lealui Saturday morning

The Nalikwanda, the boat used by the Lozi King leaving Lealui, Saturday, April 2013 signifying the Koumboka Traditional Ceremony of the Lozi people of Western province of Zambia.

The ceremony takes place annually when the Litunga the King of the Lozi leaves Lealui the palace in the plains for Limulunga the palace on the highland. The ceremony is one of the largest colorful in Zambia attracting thousands of both local and foreign visitors who travel to Mongu, the provincial capital of Western province to witness the movement.

The Nalikwanda is accompanied by several boats, one carrying the Queen, the Prime Minister, the Kings children and the other people who live in the plains.

Today’s event is being graced by Vice president Guy Scott and the journey from Lealui takes about eight hours. The ceremony never took place last year following tension in the region concerning the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 restoration .