KK attack on whistle blowers of PF tribalism is misplaced – Msoni

Press release

First President Kenneth Kaunda popularly known as KK, his  attack on whistle blowers of tribalism is misplaced and is tantamount to shadow boxing.

The real culprit practicing tribalism is President Sata and his minions who have formed a tribal clique that is responsible for vetting and approving tribal appointments only.

We think it is dishonest for Dr.Kaunda to assert that people who are criticizing tribalism and hegemony in government are provoking and stoking and appealing to tribal sentiments in-order to cause Chaos and confusion.

The question is can he honestly not see what Sata is doing to this country? That all appointments are tribal and regional in every sense, it is no use to play to the gallery on a serious and sensitive issue like tribalism. We don’t think that Dr.Kaunda expects us to keep quite when people are being denied employment for the reason that they’re different from the appointing authority?

Recently it was reported that hordes of people in Muchinga Province where refused employment because on account that they’re not natives of Muchinga Province. No one believes that anyone so close to President Sata like Dr. Kaunda has failed to provide counsel on the kind of appointments President Sata has been making since becoming Republican President.

We think it is political mischief to ignore the source of the confusion. As first Republican President of Zambia Dr. Kaunda is morally duty bound to counsel and advice President Sata on the dangers of tribalism and nepotism. We assert that attacking those criticizing President Sata is self-serving and grandstanding for his own continued personal survival and benefit.

The onus is on President Sata to outgrow tribalism and start behaving himself like a statesman. It is surprising for a man who spent over a decade in the opposition abusing our two former Presidents Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda with senseless allegations of tribalism only to be so deeply-seated in the vice himself.

We assert that Zambia under President Sata and his violent PF militia has rekindled the dangerous culture of violence and deep-seated tribal divisions being perpetuated openly by his tribal clan holding the state apparatus sway. This unfolding political absurdity requires quick outside intervention before it is too late. We are seeking the immediate intervention of the SADC and the African Union.

If President Sata’s intransigence with tribalism continues unabated we will have no choice but consider and declare his government illegitimate and inimical to public good and interest and therefore no-longer representing the broader and collective interest of the Zambian people.

Given this background our role will then follow to transverse the region and engage with SADC leaders and the African Union and explain the underlying political reasons before proceeding to the UN and make a case against the PF government not to be recognized as representing the legitimate interest of the Zambian people. Electoral mandate is not absolute and can be challenged if it is abused.

Accordingly the council of dignified states will advise and proceed to grant us the interim mandate and recognition as representing the legitimate interest and aspiration of the Zambian people and help us call for fresh elections excluding the tribal and violet PF. This will be effort of last resort if tribalism is not addressed at the earliest opportunity.

Nason Msoni is a Zambian Political Activist