Kitwe Traders remain adamant, continues selling second hand pants

Traders at Kitwe’s Chisokone Market have defied an order by Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZAB) not to sell second hand underwears  to consumers.

A check by Zambian Eye, today (Wednesday November 20, 2013)  at Kitwe’s Chisokone found some traders still selling the underwears despite an order by ZAB not to do so.

Some traders talked to said, there is nothing they can do in order to survive the harsh economy but continue trading in the prohibited commodities.

“Much as we understand the order by government not to allow us sell in the second hand underwears, but government should know that this is our only way of survival,” said one of the traders Peter Lubumbe.

And ZAB public relations officer, Lee Hamunji warned that his organisation will pounce on traders who will be found selling second hand under wears.

He said that those selling second hand underwears were putting lives of consumers at risk adding that the law of Zambia does not allow the supply and sell of second hand under wears.