Kenyatta University Student Invents A New Way to Make Electricity Using Chicken Droppings

imageKenyan Engineering Student Invents A New Way To Make Electricity Using Chicken Droppings: Electricity is something that has become a necessity in every household today and we owe this mode of lighting, cooking to Sir Thomas Eliot who in in the year 1875, tirelessly worked towards making the light bulb better. With all the technology and inventions coming up in the mordern day, I was surprised to find out that apart from biogas and hydro means of creating electricity one can also use chicken droppings. Alex Kibet, a 24 year old engineering student from Kenyatta University, is the man behind the big brains that invented the ‘New Way to Make Electricity Using Chicken Droppings’.

Alex’s intentions had always been to supply sustainable and cheap electricity to his rural home. Eager to accomplish this, he trawled the Internet hunting for a breakthrough. An idea came up when he found out that chicken droppings left marks that would mildly corrode surfaces after some time. “I used to ask myself how electricity can be produced to light our home,” he told the Business Daily. He later learnt that chicken droppings are packed with passels of uric acid which contains charged particles with the ability to spark heat.

This led Alex to create a battery powered by chicken droppings. He spent many sleepless nights and missed a lot of classes just to see a bulb connected to the battery flicker. The Energy Engineering finalist now seeks a fund of Sh50, 000 to do his research and to get better materials in a bid to turn his outstanding innovation into a commercial project.