Kenya police release photos of three most wanted terror suspects in the country


NAIROBI, Kenya’s National Police Service on Sunday released to the public photographs of the three most wanted terror suspects in the country..

In a statement sent through their twitter account, the National Police Service shared photos of the three suspects who it says are armed and dangerous.

We wish to inform you that the suspects could be armed and dangerous, and may cause harm to the public, read the statement.

The police agency also urged those who suspect that their relatives and acquaintances may have joined jihadi groups to immediately report to the nearest police station.

We request members of the public, relatives and acquaintances of the suspects of the suspects to provide information of their whereabouts to aid in further investigation, read the statement.e

The National Police Service has also called on suspects to surrender themselves to the nearest police station.

The police further said that they will start taking legal action on individuals who fail to report on their associates and relatives who have joined jihadi organizations.

We wish to state that The Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA 2012) obligates in person in Kenya to disclose to the police any information that could prevent a terrorist act or secure the arrest of a person who has committed an offence under the act. Failure to report a person can be charged and convicted to not less than three years, the statement read.

In February this year, Sakina Mariam Abdalla, the mother to the Dusit D2 attack mastermind Ali Salim Gichunge was arrested and charged with failing to disclose the whereabouts of her son.

The police have also called on the general public to volunteer information on the whereabouts of the suspects to aid in the investigations.

Source: NAM New Network