Kenneth Kaunda falls sick in Namibia



Dr Kenneth Kaunda is sick and has been admitted to a hospital in Windhoek, Namibia, his son Dr. Waza revealed yesterday.

And the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officials on Friday left the Dr. Waza leave Windhoek Lusaka to see his father in the hospital, because those were the instructions from the family of Dr. Kaunda.

In an interview in Lusaka, Dr. Waza said Dr. Kaunda has been in the hospital during the last six days and wondered why the government of Zambia was not informing the public.

“Through you, I wish to inform the people of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda, the doctor is the first president of Zambia, has been in hospital for almost a week in Windhoek, Namibia,” said Dr. Waza. “His condition is now described as stable and is said to be discharged in the short term. I have been informed that Dr. Kaunda had a viral infection, although I have all the details.”

Dr. Waza, who is a doctor, said his father’s estate was initially very poor.

“Some days ago, I received a report that Dr. Kaunda was not able to speak and spent most of the time of sleep due to medication he was taking. They said I was under sedation,” said Dr. Waza. “Given his age (87), I was very worried and decided to make arrangements to travel to Windhoek on Friday to see the old man. But when I arrived at Lusaka International Airport, officials from Air Namibia refused to sign, saying that they had instructions from the band up in Zambia I did not check afternoon, December agents arrived and told me not to be allowed to leave the country because those were the instructions of my family. I was very shocked, because December is not nothing to do with affairs of my family. I was very upset and criticized, I did a lot of noise and I have to apologize to the other passengers were annoyed. But people should understand that can not stand to see my father who is a trickle. ”

Dr. Waza, who is a member of the opposition Patriotic Front, said he was forced to return home where he called to Government House to see why officials in December behaved that way.
“I talked to one of the presidential advisers who told me those were not his instructions,” said Dr. Waza. “But he said he had also heard that it was instructions for the family. I told my brother and sister Catherine Kambarage are issued instructions. I’m surprised because these two have not been contacted to tell me about this. In any case, I’m the one who has lived closely with Dr. Kaunda in the last ten years and understand their health and well because Catherine Kambarage not live in Zambia. And how come in December this? ”
Dr. Waza said it was strange that Dr. Kaunda was in the hospital for almost a week and the government of Zambia was silent on the matter.

“Dr. Kaunda left Zambia two weeks ago in very good shape and intends to remain in Namibia for a long time because he is working on his memoirs. Both the government of Namibia and Zambia are aware of this program and are easier. It was with my mother, all of its security agents and all employees of their home, “said Dr. Waza. “But the question is, why does not the government of Zambia announced to the public that Dr. Kaunda is ill and hospitalized in Windhoek, as it facilitated his trip to Namibia and is in the government’s attention? Let’s be serious here . President Levy Mwanawasa, died abroad, and there was no investigation carried out so you do not really know what happened or what killed him. Just last month, Dr. Frederick Chiluba dead and, again, no research was conducted. We’re talking about the death of a president and a former president. Conducting an investigation is standard procedure, but it did not. Why? You saw that even if Michael Jackson died, conducted an investigation. And now prevents me from visiting my father. Why should it be left to visit my father in the hospital? Anyway, I’m off today (yesterday). Let me again! I’m just happy that the elderly feel better. ”

And at exactly 12:55 pm yesterday, Dr. Waza called to say he had been registered and waiting to board the plane to Namibia.

Meanwhile, the granddaughter of Dr. Kaunda, Kaunda Musat, said he spoke with him yesterday afternoon and felt much better.

“She is recovering well, although still in the hospital. I do not know when it will be released,” said Musat.