Kelvin Sampa Conning Businessmen With PF Name, Says Source

Two foreign investors have warned the Patriotic Front (PF) against working with former Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) member Kelvin Sampa because they risk tarnishing their name with Sampa’s bad deeds.

The investors observed that there were some crooked Zambians who were conning businessmen out of money using the names of the president and political parties, promising access to State House

The businessmen interviewed in Lusaka said there were several individuals, including Sampa, a local politician who now describes himself as a child rights activist, were using claims of political connections to hoodwink innocent people in business.

“Sampa is a sly character,” the two businessmen said. “He has been using successive political parties, and dropping the names of senior government officials in order to demand kickbacks for access from the private sector.”

The sources indicated that Sampa made use of late former president Levy Mwanawasa to swindle people out of their money, including fake dealings with former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa. However, the businessmen later found out that Sampa’s claims to be moving their project forward with the ruling party did not exist, but instead was merely the work of con artists.

“Sampa jumped from Mwanawasa to the Rupiah Banda government where he continued with his evil works, but everyone knows what he has done to Rupiah Banda immediately the former president lost the 2011 elections. Kelvin Sampa is ruthless and he has no mercy even for the people who have lifted him out of poverty,” the sources said.

The sources said Sampa would do the same to the Patriotic Front that which he did to Rupiah Banda and it was time to stop him from fooling all the people, all the time.

“We are saying this because we have seen Kelvin Sampa donating various expensive items in Kasama. We know Kelvin Sampa very well and he has now managed to sneak in the Patriotic Front. He was in the MMD before the 2011 elections, but he managed to shift to the ruling party immediately the MMD lost. He is now a g force in the ruling party. We want to alert the people in the PF to be wary of this man. He is not clean and he will swindle and abandon them when the time suits him,” one of them said.

They said Zambians must investigate the source of the expensive items Kelvin Sampa was lavishing to the people of Kasama, where he intends to contest a parliamentary elections.

Kelvin Sampa has been camped in Kasama for sometime now with a plan to contest the Kasama central parliamentary election when it is called after the expulsion of incumbent Member of Parliament Geffrey Mwamba from the ruling Patrotic Front. Kelvin Sampa is campaigning to be adopted on the Patrotic Front ticket.

He has made various donations to several institutions and individuals in his quest for adoption. He made a donation of a pick-up vehicle worth over K150 thousand to Radio Mano. He also made a donation of an assortment of expensive linen to Kasama General Hospital and an orphanage.

“This is where the problem is. Kelvin Sampa has swindled many senior people in the previous governments. He has also swindled many people in the business community. He has been targeting people in business by cheating to link them to the presidents and other influential people in government. We are saying the ruling party must be wary of this man because it will cost them a lot. He is a kind of man who has damaged investor confidence as he has been swindling businessmen and trying to scare investors and chase them out of their businesses using institutions such as the Immigration Department, the police, Zambia Revenue Authority and the Patents and Companies Registration Authority,” they said.

By press, efforts to get a comment from Sampa failed as his mobile phone went unanswered, while his other telephone number was reported to be switched off.

Source : Zambia Reports

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