KCM being influenced to lay off Workers by an opposition party, claims PF

Former Patriotic Front Copperbelt Youth Secretary Chanda Kabwe has expressed disappointment with the stance taken by Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) to lay off 1500 workers.

In statement released November 4, 2013, Kabwe said KCM must respect Zambian workers who have contributed immensely to the company’s growth.

He further added that the mining firm’s decision is long overdue as the company earlier this year wanted to lay off 2000 workers but quick intervention by government made the mining firm rescind its decision.

Kabwe has however disclosed that, he has information that KCM has hired some individuals in the country to do their consultancy work from a named opposition political party and the people are encouraging KCM to make wrong decisions.

“KCM is working with some opposition political figures to frustrate the pf government’s efforts in creating employment opportunities, President Sata is a man of all the people and wants every Zambian to have a better life through the creation of jobs in various sectors” Kabwe said.

President Sata has however warned that if KCM goes ahead with its plans lays off even one worker his government will revoke the Mining license.