Kazungula floods, a threat to Agriculture

 Flooded fieldsKazungula and other districts of Southern province are likely to have a poor farming season due to floods that have rocked the region, reports Zambian Eye roving reporter, Lameck Phiri.

United Nations Youth Association Secretary General of Zambia, Mathews Kalabo disclosed to Zambian Eye that the Southern province agriculture season will be greatly affected by flooding which he said was a result of global warming.

Kazungula floodsMr Kalabo disclosed that his organization in collaboration with the International Red Cross and other cooperating partners are holding workshops at local schools and other designated areas educating farmers why the province has been severely affected by floods when they have not been receiving enough rainfall.

He said during the workshops his organization advised the people of the region to embark ontree planting to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Kalabo has advised government to improve on its environmental policy which should control emissions in Zambia.

Kalabo says Zambia is severely affected by environmental emissions which have negatively affected its climate change. He cited the erratic rain pattern which has a disastrous effect on agriculture production.

‘‘A good example is the rains are supposed to start in October every year in Zambia but we now have rains starting in December which has badly affected our agriculture sector, ’’ he said.