Kambwili Vows to Protect Sata From Kabimba

With President Michael Sata’s health continuing to deteriorate, various factions within the ruling Patriotic Front party are beginning to come forward to dispute succession.
The most well known figure vying for succession is Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, who has campaigned semi-openly while the president was abroad in Israel. Sources inside State House, however, say that Kabimba has fallen out with President Sata, and has not been invited for the usual lunches and private meetings in recent weeks.
Now it seems that Sports Minister and Roan MP Chisimba Kambwili is stepping into the fold, vowing to protect President Sata from Kabimba and the cartel formed by Post Newspaper editor Fred M’membe and Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito, says a well placed source inside State House.
“Kambwili says he is ready to fight Wynter Kabimba and his group because he knows they are the ones who most want the Republican President to die so that they can take over and seize power based on public sympathy for Sata,” the source said.
“Kambwili said he has a lot of things he wants to reveal to President Sata and has been trying to get a meeting with the him, but he has been repeatedly blocked by the Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations George Chellah,” the source says. “So far the meeting between Kambwili and Sata has not been possible because Kambwili and Chellah are not on good personal terms.
The Sports Minister has also been attempting to contact the president on one of his personal mobile phone numbers, but the line has been turned off for almost 50 days now, the source said. “All of President Sata’s other phones are in the possession of First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba and Chellah, so the president has no way to communicate with others independently of their interference.”
According to the source, Chellah has been playing a delicate game since returning from the “working holiday” in Israel. On the one hand, Chellah has stopped informing his former employers at the Post about goings-on inside State House, but on the other hand, he has actively prevented ministers who are opposed to Kabimba and the cartel from meeting the president. Other observers among the staff inside State House report that Chellah has displayed a number of emotional outbursts in recent weeks, which is not consistent with his character.

Source : Zambia Reports

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