Kambwili lifts Mwamba ban

SPORTS minister Chishimba Kambwili has lifted the life ban slapped on Anthony Mwamba by the Zambia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board.

Kambwili said Mwamba’s case against ZPBWCB was not serious enough to warrant the ban.

Kambwili said the issue was simple and could have been handled without imposing a ban on the Exodus Boxing Promotions director.

“As minister of sports, my job is to develop sport and not to kill it,” Kambwili said. “In the end, it was the boxers who were suffering because they were not receiving services from their trainer. So I have lifted that ban and Mwamba is a free man now. He is free to continue with his stable.

If you look at Mwamba’s contribution to the growth of female boxing in the country, there is no one who has done what he has done. He has produced a world champion.