Kambwili drops Gabon, Disaster

GOVERNMENT has renamed the stadium under construction in Lusaka as Heroes National Stadium.
This follows wide objection to it being named Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium.
Minister of Sport and Youth Chishimba Kambwili confirmed in an interview with the Daily Mail yesterday that the words `Gabon’ and `Disaster’ have been dropped from the original name.
He said the Government appreciates the debate triggered by his announcement of Cabinet’s approval of the name Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium.
“As a listening Government, we have taken into consideration the reasons advanced by concerned Zambians over the name that was given to the stadium and with immediate effect we have decided to rename it Heroes National Stadium,” Kambwili said.
He said such debates should be encouraged in future.
“I salute all Zambians who made valuable contributions over this issue and as Government, we will live to appreciate that,” Kambwili said.