Kambwili, Bwalya go for each other

SPORTS minister Chishimba Kambwili yesterday accused Frank Bwalya of being a con man who was forming a political party to serve as a conduit for receiving money from unsuspecting well-wishers.

But Bwalya described Kambwili’s claims as cheap propaganda, accusing him of plotting to finish him politically.

“He who comes in the political arena must have clean hands. Ask Bwalya if he is a clean man. Ask him how clean he is. You and I know that priests are kept by the church and Bwalya does not”even when he was at Zesco, he was earning an allowance. Now go and see the house he lives in in Roma,” Kambwili said.

“He lives in a house which is three times the size of the house of the Catholic bishops of most churches. Rentals for houses in Roma range from US$5,600 per month. Go and ask him who is paying for that house he is living in.”

Kambwili maintained that Bwalya was a materialistic person that was pretending to be poor.