Kambwili Accused of Illegally Occupying Golf Course Land

Some Luanshya residents have asked President Michael Sata to tame Roan Member of Parliament (MP) Chishimba Kambwili’s illegal occupation of land belonging to Luanhsya Golf Club.

The residents have complained that Kambwili erected a house on land that belongs to the golf club illegally. The residents interviewed at the weekend said Kambwili had become too big for the people of Luanshya since councilors under the Luanshya City Council were also failing to tame him.

But Kambwili said he had made an application to the council in Luanshya where his application to formalise the illegal land allocation was rejected.

“I have appealed the council decision to reject my application so that we can settle the matter. The land in question has been idle for a long time and I thought of joining those who were building on it so that we can make it productive. Some people who are raising this matter are not well meaning,” he said.