Kakoma’s Zamzezi West Contest Back in Court Today

The Lusaka High Court will today decide on the fate of the September 11 Zambezi West parliamentary by-elections following the continued challenge by Patriotic Front candidate Christabel Ngimbu.

Ngimbu has despite nominations having gone ahead in the by-election insisted on trying to block UPND candidate and former Member of Parliament Charles Kakoma from re-contesting his seat.

The case has been through the High Court and Supreme Court with her remaining recourse having been the Supreme Court throwing out her case but giving the option of re-commencing proceedings in the High Court if she can ask them cite areas of criminality on the part of Kakoma.

On nomination day she had made yet another desperate attempt but the process was allowed to go on by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

High judge Judy Mulongoti had reserved ruling on the matter and will be expected to make her verdict on today.

Source : Zambia Reports

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