Kafue Police Given 24 hour ultimatum

Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

Zambian Agriculture Deputy Minister Rodgers Mwewa has given police in Kafue a 24 hour ultimatum to revoke a police bond that was given to a key suspect in the fertilizer theft scam that occurred last week where a truck carrying 1000 X 50 kg bags of fertilizer were diverted from Chongwe to Kafue,

Mwewa questioned police officers in Lusaka Province’s Kafue District why a key suspect in the theft case was bonded hence ordered that the bond be cancelled immediately.

Speaking when he visited Kafue with his counterpart Nickson Banda to follow up on a case Mwewa said it was unprofessional for the officers to release the key suspect before concluding with investigations because he can interfere with the witnesses.

And Nickson Banda said this was an indication that some senior government officials would be involved in the fertilizer scandal.

He wondered why every time there was a case of fertilizer theft it involved Omnia limited and not other suppliers.

And in response Shikoswe police officer in charge, a Chief Inspector Shiyanda said a named Superintendent from police headquarters instructed him to bond the suspect saying he acted on orders from his superiors as he could not oppose what he was instructed to do.

The officer in charge however, assured the two deputy ministers that he will revoke the bond and arrest the culprit.

And Kafue District Commissioner, Grace Ngulube has appealed to the deputy ministers to help with transport and other logistics to bring to book the engineers of the fertilizer scam who are hiding in Nakonde, Northern Zambia.

Last week alert police officers together with Kafue District Commissioner  impounded a truck carrying 1000 X 50kg bags of fertilizer for farmers that was diverted from Chongwe to Kafue.