Kachingwe Exonerates in Rupiah Banda Oil Case

Having to endure two days in the dock as an accused person for a charge that may otherwise be described as very fluid and sitting on a hard bench can be quite grueling for any person.

Well, this is what Zambia’s former President Rupiah Banda had to endure in the week just ended. Yes, he had another pretty long day in court Friday July 12, 2013. But for a person of 76 years, one would think the man would simply break up, just give up!

Zambia’s former head of state is no doubt a strong man and the workouts he has done in the various gyms or physical fitness outfits for the most part of his life, even while he served as Zambia’s fourth president, may be credited for his fitness.

Friday’s court hearing started at 09:16 when the Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda entered the packed court room.

The apparent star witness, Major Richard Kachingwe, in the case Banda is charged with abuse of office of authority over the alleged US$2.