Kabimba’s threats to close Daily Mail, who let the dog, out ??? Who…who…who …who!!!



By Barbrah Musamba Chama Mumba

Threats to shut down the Zambia Daily Mail are not only unreasonable but extreme and deserving of all spite by those who believe in Zambia and its future. There comes a time when those who have attempted to protect your back stand up and say to your face: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, GET REAL! GROW UP!

Zambia does not exist for a few individuals but everyone else whose dreams for a better life we must translate into reality. The message is clear for Mr. Kabimba that Zambians, and I mean taxpayers, will not allow you to keep throwing your weightless weight around, because it is us the taxpayers who contribute to the running of Zambia Daily Mail.

Public media institutions – Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) do not exit to serve you Mr. Kabimba but the general public.

Wynter- Get a life! Instead of you closing down Zambia Daily Mail, instead of you firing innocent and underpaid journalists- the Zambian people are about to close you down and for a lifetime. While we condemn such unbecoming behaviour by PF Government’s spoilt child Wynter Kabimba, we wish to send a clarion call to the President of the Republic – President Michael Chilufya Sata that there comes a point in life of any nation to uphold national honour.

The behaviour by Mr. Kabimba is taking away from this honour both at home and away from home. Zambians have become a laughing stock because the Minister of Justice does not understand the burden of Justice. Zambians within and outside must rise up, beyond partisan lines, tribe and gender, to condemn such political masturbation being practiced in broad day light by some of our leaders.

Where are the students from the University of Zambia? Where are the students from the Copperbelt University? Where are the students from Evelyn Hone College? Where are the students from NIPA, NRDC? Where is the militant Zambian youth who is not intimidated by those who abuse borrowed power like Mr. Kabimba?

Together, let us join hands to strongly condemn this kind of attitude and Mr. Kabimba’s untamed utterances. His continued ranting is an open and serious threat against the media and Journalists and we are particularly shocked because they come from a senior Government official and we ask President Sata to act decisively on Wynter.

Government officials must be honorable and not allow for a power-drunkenness which leads to utter stupor. Zambia does not need mad dogs in Government- they are a menace to the civility of any society. How would one even imagine of closing down a public institution when he fully knows that if it is defamation, he has recourse before the courts and as a lawyer that is common sense.

This behaviour is unbecoming for a State Counsel and one who has been honoured with the Order of Distinguished Service (ODS). A time must come when such honour should be conferred on rightfully deserving citizens and not men of clay. Zambia seeks to build cities of gold but this remains a pipe dream because men of clay do not understand the complexities of creating another Zambia- a Zambia that assures a better life for all its citizens.

As society, we cannot allow ourselves to apply expensive lipstick to pigs! The PF Government has committed to upholding Press Freedom, democracy and the rule of law. In the light of Mr. Kabimba’s threats, we fear that the lack of response to such a condescending and threatening statements by the Minister of Justice points to approval by the president and threatens freedom of expression, highlighting impunity against the media.

We must demand a clear position on this matter from the Presidency and maybe this is yet another opportunity for the Press Secretary to issue a categorical statement in the light of Mr. Kabimba’s threats. Journalists will feel unsafe to report on Government officials who threaten their lives and livelihood. We call on the Presidency to guarantee freedom and safety of journalists across the country and an end to media impunity.

We call on President Sata to dispel and disassociate himself from these threats in the interest of democracy, good governance and the rule of law. Such threats as emanating from Mr. Kabimba have no place in an established democracy. We re-echo our call on the PF Government to liberate the media in order to create the enabling environment for the media to flourish.

Lastly, threats to close down a public institution and more so, issuing threats to individual journalists, including the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Information deserves condemnation by all believers in true freedom. Public and Private media does not exist so as to nurse Mr. Kabimba’s insecurities- not at all!
The first time this was done, it was targeted at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and Zambians must not allow themselves to be resigned into dark corners of silence because Mr. Kabimba has spoken. The fact is that Mr. Kabimba is just an ordinary citizen and the authority he carries around today is borrowed power- it belongs to the people- we the people.

So who the hell does he think he is that a public media must not report on his actions and inactions?! On as far as we are concerned, Mr. Kabimba is not and has never been a semi-god. He is just a human being with flaws, in certain instances more severe that an average Zambian.