Kabimba’s eyes now open to see tribalism in PF


Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba

By Masinga W Khumalo God works in so many ways. And of late He has decided to open Wynter Kabimba’s eyes and show him the truth.

Not long ago, Wynter Kabimba claimed that UPND is a tribal party, whose leaders cannot see anything good unless it has tribal attachments.

Many of us knew he was wrong, and we knew that he was fighting his brothers because of “pieces of silver” he is enjoying in the PF government. We said it then that he was placing the tribal tag on wrong people; his own party (PF) has always been the biggest culprit of tribalism, yet he was blinded to the truth until now.

Today, Wynter is in hot soup. His own party cadres want him hounded out office as PF party Secretary General. The cadres want Kabimba out, together with his stooge and PF Lusaka province Chairman Geofrey Chuumbwe who happens to be Kabimba’s tribesman.

KABIMBA has reacted sharply by saying PF Cadres fighting him were hired by a TRIBAL CLIQUE within PF. What a bitter pill for Kabimba to swallow.

This is when he is seeing the tribalism which some of us have seen from the time the PF was birthed. Any analytical minds can tell that what Kabimba is going through has the blessings of the PF top leaders, otherwise they would have put a stop to the nonsense which is going on.

Lets ask ourselves: who gave those PF party cadres the Police permit? How come even PF controlled media like the Daily Mail and Times of Zambia are throwing beef and seem to be carrying celebratory stories on what Kabimba is going through?

How come it is only the Post Newspaper which is seems to be sympathetic to Wynter? These questions, including the reason why Bemba PF cadres chased HH from Kasama, need to be answered.