Kabimba’s ally Situla Sikwindi expelled from PF

Situla Sikwindi

Situla Sikwindi

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party has with immediate effect expelled its Assistant General Secretary Situla Sikwindi for Politics for indiscipline.

Deputy General Secretary Bridget Attanga announced the expulsion of Sikwindi in Lusaka today (October 15, 2013). She said Sikwindi had exhibited indiscipline and lack of respect for her as Deputy General Secretary.

Mrs Attanga explained that Skwindi could not avail himself before her office to explain the allegations linking him to the formation of Fourth Republic Party. She said Sikwindi had been storbon saying he reports to President Sata and not to her.

She explained that she had writen and given Sikwindi 48 hours to respond to allegations but he instead decide to respond through the media.

Mrs Attanga said Skwindi has also labelled the party tribal, the issue the PF was against as it is capable of bringing problems in the country.

“I am expelling him and now writing a letter of expulsion,” Mrs Attanga said.

Sikwindi is one the PF members that are linked to the parallel structures General Secretary Wynter Kabimba is alleged to have formed to advance his presidential ambition.