Kabimba Says North Western Province Suffering 50 Year Undevelopment

Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says the Patriotic Front government is aware that North Western Province has suffered 50 years of underdevelopment.

Kabimba seems only to have realized this during the campaigns for the September 11 round of by-elections that have two polls positioned in North Western Province.

He said President Michael Sata had sent him and his entourage to tell the people of North Western Province that he loves them and has been aware that they have suffered massive underdevelopment.

Kabimba was speaking in Zambezi West constituency where he is drumming up support for the PF’s Christabel Ng’imbu.

“President Sata told us to come and tell you that he cares about you and he cares for you the people of Zambezi West,” he said.

“He told us that we should come and tell you how much you the people of Zambezi West have suffered over the last 50 years without development in this area.”

Other contestants are Kayombo Chila of the Green Party, MMD’s Chris Kachika, FDD is fielding Mwaka Chongo with the UPND going with Charles Kakoma who lost the seat when it was nullified.

Ng’imbu had made two failed attempts in court to strike Kakoma off the ballot but will have to be content facing what seems to have been her nightmare each time she went to court.

Source : Zambia Reports

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