Kabimba Sacked From Cabinet and Patriotic Front

Justice minister Wynter Kabimba has been fired, a statement read on the state owned ZNBC this afternoon quoting presidential spokesperson George Chellah has announced.

Kabimba has been dropped in the wake of a vicious succession battle that has threatened the lifespan of the ruling party following President Michael Sata’s ill state.

According to the official statement circulated from State House, “the Head of State thanked Hon. Kabimba for the service rendered to the Government.”

The statement indicated that Defence Minister Edgar Lungu would take over both positions of Justice Minister and PF Secretary General.

The only issue that remains unclear is whether or not Kabimba has been removed from his appointed MP seat, as the statement does not address this issue.

This dramatic development is seen as a victory for the Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda, who had been engaged in an extended public dispute with Kabimba over succession should President Sata step down. Chikwanda had recently been targeted in a corruption scandal that was allegedly leaked by the Kabimba camp, and subsequently gave a series of interviews directly attacking the Justice Minister as well as the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito and Post Newspaper editor Fred M’membe, referring to them as a “cartel.”

Although Chikwanda has emerged in recent days as the preferred successor, Kabimba still posed a serious threat as PF Secretary General, in that he would have great influence over the selection of candidates at the party convention.

This is a developing story and more details will follow…

Source : Zambia Reports

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