Kabimba rubbishes US State Department report accusing Government of Human Rights abuse

Government has denied any abuse of human rights as alleged by a report compiled by the United States of America.
Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba says the 2012 Zambia Report on Human Rights does not reflect the correct picture of the overall human rights and governance situation in the country.
Mr Kabimba says the Zambian government finds the report done by the US Department of State “fraught with factual errors and inaccuracies”.
“Some allegations in the report are either unsubstantiated or not supported by any empirical evidence at all. The sources are only known to the authors and their authenticity is unverifiable,” Mr Kabimba says.
This is contained in a response by the Zambian government to the US Department of State 2012 Human Rights Report signed by Mr Kabimba.
The response is addressed to the US ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella.