Kabimba now accuses ECZ of siding with Opposition

The Patroitic Front (PF) has accused the Electoral Commission of Zambia of trying to side with the opposition political parties.
PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba said the ECZ is being mischievous by creating grounds for the opposition to use as an excuse when they lose in the by – elections.
He said on a live national watch programme on ZNBC TV on Thursday evening, July 25,2013 that the ECZ wants to dent the PF image the same way it was doing while it was in the opposition.
Kabimba who was commenting on concerns by the commission after it aired a longer than stipulated political advert said the ECZ has never sided with the PF.
He howver explained that the ECZ is not a superviosor of the national broadcaster,ZNBC to start cautioning it for airing a longer documentary.
The PF Chief Executive Officer who is also Justice Minister said the party paid for the adveert and was also within acceptable time for them to complain.
The ECZ has this week issued two statements against the PF reagrding the conducts of the campigns for the by-election.
One was about the political advert which exceded by a7 minutes while the other was the inclusion of paramount Chief Mpezeni during its rally.