Kabimba, Lubinda – Fight between the Charlatan and the Blameless

Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba

Embattled Kabwata MP Given Lubinda

Kabwata MP Given Lubinda

It is apparent that the battle of wits between the Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda has become an “open naked dance in the market place” – (washing dirty linen in public) which I will further term as a “Fight between the Charlatan and the Blameless” in the PF hierarchy.

Is Wynter Kabimba an Imposter?

Given the recent unfolding events in the ruling party and the conduct of its Chief Executive Officer  following allegations leveled against him with regards to his formation of the Forth Republican Party using the expelled Deputy Secretary General – Political,  Sikwindi Situla, it is clear that the “Charlatan” Wynter Kabimba with the aid of his vuvuzela The Post is trying to sway the attention of political spectators and the general citizenry from his gross misconduct in government and ruling party to the “Blameless” Given Lubinda and try to label him a rebel and black sheep of the party.

Wynter has ignored to respond to the many allegations by former Forth Republican Party interim president Lameck Kamalo and those from other senior party officials as being at the centre of squabbles in PF that have plunged the party into an irretrievable political imbroglio.

Ignoring the recent protests by Lusaka province PF cadres and supporters that called for his removal as Patriotic Front Secretary General, alleging that he is arrogant and has failed to grow the party and remaining mute on his revelations that there is a tribal and corrupt clique within the ruling party does not exonerate him in any way.

This only proves to us that Wynter is an imposter, fake, pretender and if PF still wants to remain relevant to the Zambian politics as we near the next general elections slated for 2016, they must “sort out” the gross misconduct of the party’s Chief Executive Officer and avoid sweeping dirty under the carpet.

Is Given Lubinda blameless?

From a political spectators point of view and following Given’s conduct after his suspension from the party and his unceremonious demotion from Cabinet to the back bench, he elected to serve his punishment with humility and utmost good faith without dragging the names of his accusers and the party in the mud.

Given remained quiet and continued to attend party events and parliamentary duties with dignity even when others expected him to call his accusers names and disparage them out of bitterness. He also publicly declared to remain loyal to the President despite the recent wanton accusation by Sata that he is a rebel – (I have taken that as a slip of the venomous tongue of the Cobra and urge fellow citizens to ignore that without questioning why the President said so).

In my view Lubinda is “Blameless” and still remains very relevant to the Patriotic Front and the people of Kabwata constituency that elected him as their representative in Parliament.

I live it to the people to judge the truthfulness and authenticity of both Wynter Kabimba and Given Lubinda in their political and leadership eminence in our country even as we celebrate our 49th political independence anniversary.

Concerned Citizen