Kabimba has survived the axe, he is Sata’s tribesmate – Edward Mumbi

President Sata with Kabimba

President Sata with Kabimba

…..Kabimba part Bisa part Saala

Former Patriotic Front General Secretary Edward Mumbi has said that the wrangles in the ruling party are not about Bemba issue but internal Bisa issue.

Mumbi told Daily Nation Newspaper that President Sata was failing to get rid of Kabimba because he is his fellow tribes-mate (Bisa). He said Bembas should not be dragged into the Patriotic Front succession wrangles which he says are purely a Bisa internal struggle.

The opposition against Kabimba according to Mumbi was national as evidenced by the resolutions from ten provinces and some of his fiercest ditractors in cabinet and central committee were Bisa and not Bemba.

Mumbi says Kabimba was not Bemba but Bisa from Mpika contrary to the statement by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda suggesting that the Justice Minister was from the Bemba Kingdom.

Mumbi has added that President Michael Sata was also Bisa from Mpika district in the new Muchinga Province. He says it is therefore not right to drag the Bembas into the PF succession wrangles that have divided the party.

He explained that being Bemba speaking did not qualify one to be Bemba which was why Kabimba should be disciplined on the basis of what breaches he committed.

Mumbi said President Sata could be finding it difficult to get rid of Kabimba even after numerous petitions from Members of the Central Committee and the general membership of the party because of his consanguinity. He says it is ironical that Chikwanda insinuated that that Kabimba was Bemba when it was a known fact that the embattled justice minister was Bisa.

He states that the continued open accusations by Kabimba that a corrupt Bemba clique had orchestrated plans to have him (Kabimba) expelled from the PF were dangerous and that if not handled with care, could cause serious tribal conflicts.

Mumbi says Bemba is a decent tribe and that people like Kabimba should stop using the tribe for his political survival in the PF. He adds that it is politically misleading that the ruling PF had been taken over by a corrupt Bemba clique because no such clique existed

“Wynter Kabimba is not Bemba but Bisa from Mpika. What we know is that he is Bisa and comes from Mpika where the President hails from. Probably that is why President Sata has found it difficult to discipline Kabimba to stop the wrangles in the ruling party. The continued open slander by Kabimba a corrupt Bemba clique was against him should be handled with care,” Mumbi says.

He says Kabimba and those supporting him should stop using Bemba to prop up their political fortunes.

Mumbi says he was aware that a lot of people were ready to associate themselves with Bemba adding that it was unfortunate that that those who were pushing their personal agenda in the PF were using tribe to gain political sympathy and mileage.