Kabimba has no political career for us to destroy – UPND

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry on Wynter Kabimba’s insinuation that the UPND or rather Hakainde Hichilema and his DOGS of war are out to destroy him politically.

If asking the Aniti-Corruption Commission – ACC about his discharge is destroying Wynter politically, then we are not sure what is going on in Wynters head. Wynter goes ahead and asks why we did not ask the ACC the same thing about Defense Minister Geophrey Mwamba -GBM. If Wynter committed a crime, GBM was nowhere near the scene, so the two cases cannot be discussed in the same lines.

First we did not address the letter to Wynter. The letter was sent to the ACC Director Ms Rosewyn Wandi, and we shall wait for Ms Wandi to respond. If Wynter is innocent, he should just keep quiet.

We thought him as Minister of Justice should understand due process of the law, but again we are expecting too much from him as he has no sense and history of ever being just.

Secondly, Wynter has no political career to destroy. Wynter has never contested any election. So he shouldn’t worry about a political career that is not there to be destroyed. We doubt Wynter has ever contested an election even in the party. So Wynter should just keep quiet instead of saying things he barely understands.

However we shall tell you, what is Wynters worst enemy. His Mouth. Wynter does not know what to say, when to say, how to say and who to say to? The man has this uncouth language that he uses like it will go out of fashion.

That is Wynter’s greatest enemy is his mouth! Not Kuchunga Simusamba. The thing is that the man is a liar, if only to get ahead of others. This is the man who is fighting everyone in PF because he has Presidential ambitions.

Our advise to Wynter is simple. Being driven in a GRZ landcruiser does not define a man. Using 6 black berry phones does not define a man. Wearing Pierre Cardin suits does not define a man. What a man says and does defines him. So watch what you say and what you do Mr. Kabimba. The man thinks he is a political heavyweight, yet we know he is a political none-entity.

UPND via Facebook