Kabimba fails to defend his party’s inducing of by-elections

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba who is also ruling Patriotic Front General Secretary failed to categorically tell the nation that his Government was not inducing opposition Members of Parliament to join PF.

Kabimba has said the removal of maize and fuel subsidies will help Government recover K3.6 trillion per year.

Speaking when he featured on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview programme this evening, monitored by The Independent Observer , Kabimba said by removing the subsidies his Government will recover K300 billion per, the situation he said will help his Government to take control of the economy.

He said PF was taking Zambia to economic independence to help Zambia to take control of its economy.

“PF want to take control of the natural resources and see to it that the benefits trickle down to the poor people of Zambia. The removal isn’t meant to punish Zambians though we seem to have some temporal upsets which we believe are short-lived, but prosperity shall judge us on this move.

“Subsides have not benefited the poor, but they have always benefited those that can afford.  Subsidies never worked for UNIP, MMD and if the subsidies had worked, we couldn’t have the poor in the country.” he said.

He said Zambia was neither the producer of fuel nor the determiner of the fuel prices hence the move to remove the subsidy.

Mr Kabimba who is also Justice Minister was at loss when the Anchor of the programme Grevazio Zulu asked him if his PF Government was being stuck in being over ambitious.

He said there was nothing wrong in being over ambitious and that the people criticizing PF had not ready the PF manifesto.

Meanwhile Mr Kabimba was at loss when he was asked if PF was buying MPs to call for by-elections which gobble more than K7 billion per single by-election.

He instead turned the subject into a human right matter where he linked it to freedom of association rather than to the question by Grevazio of induced parliamentary by-elections.

The Minister also admitted that whenever an MP takes a political sacrifice to dump his political party to join PF the PF manifesto was clear that it will always give such ones a priority but said the powers to appoint them as Minister was with the President.

He said by-election were an expensive undertaking but that were a contingent which Government was ready to take and in case of budget over run his Government could easily make a supplementary budget and take it to parliament for approval.

On size of Government which has about 83 Minister both Cabinet and deputies he said the size was also in the party manifesto.

The Minister was also toned down when Grevazio had ready a letter from CCZ in which the church issued a concern of people suffering and dying from hunger and poor stocking level of drugs in stocking in hospitals.

The Minister failed to answer these questions;

Is the removal of subsidies the meaning of more money in people’s pockets?

Have you gotten stuck in being over ambitious?

The removal of subsidies was it as a result of cutting edge on donor funds?

Which one is the next subsidy to go, is it university bursary?

Are you willing to down size your Government ministries?