Kabimba Drums Up Support for PF Candidate

PATRIOTIC Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has wooed voters in Mangango to back the ruling party’s candidate Lyambai Lingweshi to enable the area to have a close link with the Government and spearhead development.
Mr Kabimba said the people of Mangango were currently experiencing development challenges because the previous government had neglected the area.
Mr Lingweshi faces competition from five other candidates from the UPND, MMD, ADD, UNIP and the Forth Revolution Party in tomorrow’s polls.
The Mangango seat fell vacant after the Supreme Court nullified the election of MMD’s Robert Chiseke as area member of Parliament.
Mr Kabimba said during a rally at Namalazi Community School in Mangango Ward that time had come for the people of Mangango to vote for the PF in the parliamentary by-election.
“This is an important day for people and I have a special message from the President,” said Mr Kabimba, who was accompanied by Local Government and Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda.
“The message is that President (Michael) Sata loves you, and you should not listen to other parties that are coming here to lie. This area has been neglected by the previous government and now is the
opportunity to change Mangango, vote for Mr Lingweshi.”
Mr Kabimba, who is Justice Minister, said the Government had embarked on a programme to eliminate poverty in Mangango and the rest of the country.
Earlier, Mr Chenda said President Sata had created two more districts in Kaoma in order to improve service delivery.
Mr Chenda said that with the upgrading of Nkeyema and Luampa into districts, two more hospitals would be constructed to enhance service delivery in the health sector.
“Not only that, this means that Luampa will have a secondary school, while Nkeyema will also have its secondary school,” he said.
Mr Chenda urged the people of Mangango to vote for the PF candidate because he was the only one who could address the problems faced by the people in the constituency.
He said it would be unwise for voters to elect an opposition MP, including the MMD which had been rejected during the 2011 elections, while the fortunes for the UPND had continued to dwindle from the time Hakainde Hichilema took over its leadership.
“Please don’t go down with the UPND. Under the late Anderson Mazoka, the UPND had more than 40 seats in Parliament, but the number has continued to reduce while the PF is a growing party,” Mr Chenda said.
Mr Lingweshi said he would act as a servant of the people and assured that he would not disappoint them if elected as MP.
He said his priority would be to address women and youth empowerment to help reduce poverty in Mangango Constituency. The candidate caused laughter when he teased UPND candidate Godwin Putu that he ran away from appearing on the TV programme ‘Race to Manda Hill’ because he could not manage to speak English.

Source : The Times of Zambia

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