Kabimba against 50 plus 1 clause: It makes losers assume power through back door

Zambia’s Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has publicly spoken against the country adopting a 50 plus one percent clause for a president elect.

Speaking on National Television – ZNBC’s National Watch programme on May 8, 2013, Kabimba who is also the governing party’s General Secretary said the clause allows a party that has lost election to go into government through the back door.

“I believe that 50 plus one makes the people who have lost the election win it. It makes people come through the back door,” said Kabimba stressing that this was his personal view.

Kabimba explained that the clause was not suitable for Zambia adding that many countries in Africa were not using it. He said the PF had won elections without the clause and wondered why other parties cannot do the same.

While in opposition his party – PF supported the clause saying it prevents a minority president from wining elections.

This casts a dark cloud on whether the most progressive clauses passed by the Constitution Conference recently convened will be passed as the draft constitution will have to be submitted to government to determine the road map.

Kabimba who is main legal man by verture of his position in the PF will have alot of influence on route the constitution making process and outcome.

All the previous constitution bodies that have been set-up by previous regimes have recomended for 50 plus 1 clause.