Justice Chibesakunda must go, she is planted by Sata to stifle opposition – Nevers

MMD President Nevers Mumba has added his voice in calling  for the resignation of Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda from the position.

Dr. Mumba said Justice Chibesakunda is holding the position illegally. He alleged that she has been planted by President

Michael Sata to stifle the opposition and ensure that she nullify all the opposition seats that the PF has petitioned. The MMD President alleged that the Parliamentary select committee including PF members have rejected her appointment when her name was submitted for  scrutiny.

Dr. Mumba who was speaking on a ZNBC Sunday interview Programme on Sunday evening has also maintained that there is still life in the former ruling party.

He said the party can not be judged based on its failures in the by-elections stating that it is expected  of any former ruling party after just loosing power.

The MMD leader also explained that the PF are also winning the elections because  people are just excited to associate with the party in power arguing that it is not the reality on the ground. He warned that the PF will have the biggest defeat and shock of their lives during the 2016 general elections.

Dr Mumba said the PF is losing grounds and will not win the next elections. He said this is why it is oppressing the opposition to see that they are weaken before the next general elections.

He said the PF has terribly failed to live up its elections promises which it cheated getting into office via Socialist platform and immediately they assumed office they reverted to capitalism.

The MMD leader also disputed assertions that the party was broke saying it nolonger has the money it had when in government but said they still have enough resources to run all its programmes. He said his preoccupation is to reorganize MMD and prepare it to get back into government in the next elections.