Julius Malema’s manifesto launch rally ahead of SA polls


Julius Malema addressing his supporters


South Africa turns up in thousands at the rally

Populist South African politician Julius Malema has launched his manifest at a mammoth rally in Tembisa ahead of polls in South Africa.

Below are some of  the things Malema said at huge rally:

image1. “Fighters we thank the pastors from different religions for being here, especially MBORO(Juju pronounces the name weirdly)” (crowd laughs)

2. “This stadium was full at eight in the morning unlike others who were still struggling to fill the buses”

3.“You have been struggling to get a job, you’ve been struggling with life, maybe you imageare struggling because your vote remains unchanged, your vote is the one making you struggle. Change your vote and the struggle will also change.”

4. “The EFF government will ensure that no minister has bodyguards, they don’t need any bodyguards because no one knows them, so why must they have bodyguards if no one knows them? even their own relatives do not know them”

5. “The police will get an increase in their salaries, after getting the increase they will no longer ask for cold-drink money when they stop your cars.”

image6. “The bucket system in Western Cape is continuing to give our people sleepless nights, there are no toilets almost everywhere in South Africa, and our people continue to help themselves in the bush.”

7. “We brought the Marikana widows here to show you that the killing is real, you only see them on TV and you think it is ‘just a movie’ and it won’t happen in front of your eyes.”

8. “Fighters last night EFF has invited top businessmen and women to ask them to contribute money for this revolution and a total R2,5 million rand was contributed, this money will be used for the elections.”

9. “Steve Biko wanted us all to be proud of being black, because black is beautiful.”

10. “If a black man and a white man apply for the same job and their qualifications are the same, a black man will get the job, it’s time to restore black dignity, kigale bayija chelete ena (They’ve been eating this money for too long)”

11. “Pastor Mboro is my friend, because he also build houses for the poor, anyone helping the poor is my friend. We sometimes go out for drinks, but don’t go around telling people that Malema gets drunk with the pastor”

12. “EFF government again will ensure that parliament comes to Pretoria only, we don’t need two parliaments because MP’s are buying 3 houses because of parliaments, and that is a waste of tax payer’s money”

13. “Why do you need 3 houses when you only live in one house?”

14. “Petrol attendants will also get adequate salary, they earn R2500, you can’t call that a salary”

15. “When you thinking of giving up this struggle of economic freedom, please remember Solomon Mahlangu who never surrendered even when he was about to be hanged, remember Chris Hani who was killed”

16. “Fighters all these leaders here on stage are educated, they won’t go around calling irrelevant numbers such as R979 million, 3000 and 60 000”

18. “You can trust them with all your life, they will be the ones to lead you if ever I die”

19. “20 years into democracy and still our people have not tasted democracy, black people are still not free, you’re not free if you don’t have water and sanitation”

20. “EFF is everywhere; we know everything that is on the ground. Metro police if they tell you to shoot at EFF members, tell them that I can’t because they are fighting for my salary to be increased, also ask them why must I shoot at someone fighting for me?”

21. “You do not go to school with shoes on, but yet you continue voting for the same people, it has to change, and to change it must.”

22. “The pastors pray for serious rapists, we also wonder if our very own rapist has been prayed for or not”(Referring to Zuma)

image23. “They like to fight physically, they carry bricks and they always break our cars’ windscreen, when they try to fight you again, tell them that I will fight you ‘ideologically’ because unlike you, I have a thinking capacity”

24. Also fighters, there are those who bought lands from the government, when we EFF usher into government and we find that land not generating any income, you must be guaranteed, the land will not belong to you once we visit that land”

25. “Today I am very happy because I know that even when I die, the word of Economic Freedom has reached every corner of South Africa and you all here will continue with the struggle.”

26. “Andries Tatane was killed and still today no one has been arrested and no one has lost his job, they always tell us ‘we don’t know who killed him’ but we all saw the camera, it was the police wearing a blue uniform who killed him”

27. “When I visited a granny in Ralela, she said to me, Malema babulayile ngwanaka ayo reka burotho(they killed my child while I sent him to buy bread)”

28. “When the police imagein Ralela came to inform the granny that her child is dead, the granny told the police that you are wrong, my child went to buy bread, he was not in the protest so whoever is killed is not my child.”

29. “Shameless police shooting children carrying bread, yet still no one again lost his job”

30. “They always say together we can do more, building another ‘fire pool’ is what’s more to be done, buying buffaloes for 18 million rand is what’s more to be done.”

31. “When they say we are being UNREALISTIC about 50% salary grant increase, tell them that ‘we even have more’ … the nationalization of mines will bring in extra money for this.”

32. “EFF makes things happen, this government is on their feet because of EFF, even ancyl is also here in Tembisa, because if it wasn’t for us, you wouldn’t have seen any of them.”

33. “They have abandoned the poor people living in poor conditions, they only come here to give grannies t-shirts then after that they leave, do grannies eat t-shirts?”

34. “They have promised 20% of land redistribution, it’s been 20 years into democracy and still not even half of that promise has been met. EFF will redistribute and share all wealth of SA with its citizens.”

35. “SA is importing everything, that must stop, we even importing COLGATE (toothpaste) banna.”

CIC Julius Sello Malema during Manifesto launch in Tembisa Mehlareng Stadium.

1. Black South Africans are still poor while the country celebrates 20 years of democracy in 2014.

2. Twenty years later, blacks are still not free,”

3. Twenty years later, black people are still trapped in squalor, unsafe and unhealthy conditions.”

4. Majority of blacks were still landless and hopeless.

5. Twenty years later, young and old black workers are still subjected to slave wages and dangerous working conditions in the mines, farms, (and) factories.”

6. It was up to the EFF to offer and deliver hope and inspiration to the people of South Africa.

7. The party(EFF) was an organization and movement for all people.

8. The time had come for South Africans to share equally in the wealth of the country.

9. “Now is the time to bury corruption and self enrichment of politicians.”

10. EFF believed all jobs in the country should be permanent and the EFF would implement legislation that would ensure this.

11. EFF-led government would implement a minimum wage of R4 500 across the board for all full time workers.

12. “Mine workers will earn R12 500 per month.
13. Farm workers gets R5 000 per month.
14. Manufacturing workers gets R6 500 per month,”
15. Retail workers would get R5 000 a month.
16. Builders would earn R7 000.

17. There would be equal pay for equal work irrespective of gender, race, class and place of origin.

18. The EFF-led government will expedite the implementation of National Health Insurance.

19. The EFF will build state-owned companies that would help bring better health care. The companies would include a pharmaceutical company to produce medicine and distribute it to hospitals and clinics.

20. “The EFF government will build a state owned health care equipment company to build health care equipment,” he said.

21. The party(EFF) will also ensure traditional healers were incorporated into the health care system.

22. Social grants are an important aspect of bringing the poorest of the poor into some level of economic participation.

23. The grant for pensioners would increase from R1300 to R2600 per month.
24. Disability grants would go up from R1200 to R2400.
25. Child support grants would increase from R300 to R600 per month.

26. War veterans would get an increase from R1220 to R2400.
27. Care dependency from R1 200 to R2 400.
28. Foster child grants from R800 to R1600.

29. The EFF-led government will introduce a social grant of R2 500 per month for all terminally ill South Africans.

30. On corruption, the EFF will introduce a 20-year prison sentence for public servants who were found guilty.

31. Party(EFF) will establish a state administration court which would deal with matters of corruption.

32. EFF will also protect the independence of the offices of the public protector, auditor general and all other institutions which oversaw government programmes.

33. The EFF-led government will also provide free quality education.

34. “It (government) will put in place mechanisms to encourage students to attain post-graduate degrees and qualifications,”

35. “The EFF government will impose an education tax on all corporations which will be the source of funding for the education and training of all South Africans.”

36. 15,000 pupils will get scholarships to study abroad.

37. “Five thousand will be medical practitioners (sent ) to the best universities across the world to attain skills,”


Source: Millions of Fighters Rallying behind CIC Julius Malema and EFF’s.