Judge Chikopa’s Tribunal will not give Judges fair trail – Sakala

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has noted that the three suspended judges will not receive a fair hearing.

ZDDM President Edwin Sakala charged that there is something wrong with the tribunal and believes that the judges will not receive a fair trail unless an independent and impartial judge handles the matter. He cited a case where people who will testify are expected to register their names and state what they want to testify as one call for
“Our suspicion on this is premised on the fact that, the people who hold the register will exclude all people that does not have incriminating evidence against the three judges and admit all those that have incriminating evidence if there is any.

As everyone knows by now, the reason that led to the suspension of the three judges were that they were just doing their job. The judgement which brought out the matter was landmark in that, it compelled the people who consider themselves most powerful in the Zambian society to pay back the money they owe the Development Bank of Zambia.

The money in that Bank is tax payer’s money and any person who borrows is supposed to pay back with interest,” said Sakala.

The ZDDM president has since appealed to Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa who is the chairperson for the tribunal to be conscious and recue himself from the matter.
He said the three Zambian judges that were unceremonious suspended for doing their job sating that they are now being subjected them to humiliation by the tribunal.

Judge Chikopa should have the idea of what happened and should therefore consider staying away from the matter for this reason. President Michael Sata constituted a tribunal to be chaired by Judge Chikopa which is looking at corruption allegation against three suspended judges.

Sakala said this in a statement to Zambia Eye.