Judge Chikopa goes home as Supreme Court throw-out the tribunal appeal

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal for the setting-up of a tribunal by the Zambian government through Attorney General Mumba Malila against the suspension of two High Court judges and one Supreme.
In ruling a judgment delivered by four individual Supreme Court judges Lombe Chibesakunda, Mervin Mwanamwambwa,, Iren Muyovwe and Hilda Chibomba the judges ruled that the judge Lovemore Chikopo tribunal should not proceed due to constitutional issues surrounding the case.
Acting Chief Justice Chibesakunda said while the president had constitutional powers to set-up a tribunal, it was advisable that it should not go ahead.
Judge Mwanamwamba out rightly said president Michael Sata erred in setting up the tribunal and the appeal by the Attorney General should be dismissed.
Justice Chibomba said the High Court Judge Flugence Chisenga who dismissed the tribunal was on firm ground to stay the tribual because there were issues that touched on separation of powers.