JCTR Questions Recruitment of More Soldiers

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection has questioned why the Patriotic Front government is keen on recruiting more soldiers when they have frozen recruitment in other sectors.
JCTR Director Father Leonard Chiti said Zambia was not under pressure to recruit more defense personnel given that the country was not at war.
He said there were already concerns that the defence budget was gobbling a lot of resources and adding more soldiers will further add to the strain.
Defence Minister Edgar Lungu recently assured the defence forces that he would put through a request to cabinet to recruit more soldiers.
“We have been peaceful for 50 years, we have never been attacked for 50 years we have been existence as a country. Do we need a large standing army and what for?” Fr Chiti said.
“We know that the government allocates a lot of money for the defence forces, it is something that has been questioned before so do we want to put more money if we recruited more in the army.”
Fr Chiti said that the move would be detrimental in the face of a recruitment freeze.
“There is a recruitment freeze in the civil service, clearly on one part government wants to recruit more people, then it is not good at all, either it was not thought through or it is not a good idea, or maybe it is not necessary so again we want to get some clarity if it is necessary,” he said.

Source : Zambia Reports

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