It’s Zambia Police delaying the registration of Father Frank Bwalya’s Political Party

Leader of the newly founded Alliance for Better Zambia Fr Frank Bwalya has accused the Zambia Police Service of holding up the process of registering his party.
In a statement issued by his personal assistant for press and public relations Emmanuel Chilekwa, Fr. Bwalya said the Zambia Police should release the papers in order for his party to finalise the registration process.
“Father Bwalya regrets and refutes the impression given in the media that the Registrar of Societies of blocking registration of the party called, Alliance for a Better Zambia, ABZ. There is nowhere Fr. Bwalya ever stated that the Registrar of Societies, Mr. Kanganja is delaying registration of our intended party, the Alliance for Better Zambia, ABZ,” the statement said.
“The crux of the matter is that Fr.