It’s Wrong To Equate Egypt To Zambia

By Kelvin Esiasa

The events that are going on in Egypt have continued to alarm the world at large. The overthrow of the republican President Morsi has raised a lot of mixed feelings among the followers of Egypt.

It is not clear what exact offence Morsi had done against his countrymen. A number of commentators have blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for carelessly handling government affairs.

James P. Farwell and Darby Arakelian( huffingtonpost) in the article Who is the Muslim Brotherhood kidding, suggested that protesting over the ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was like listening to children who murdered their parents then complain they are orphans.

While Thomas L. Friedman (The New York Times) suggested that historians will surely ponder over why the Muslim Brotherhood behaved so foolishly.

The US government denounced the action by the army, President Obama reiterated that the USA was not aligned with and was not supporting any particular Egyptian political party or group and again condemned the ongoing violence across Egypt.

Britain and China have called for peace in Egypt while Germany was concerned with the events in Egypt and described the situation in Egypt as a ‘moment of truth’.

In Zambia, the media reported that Opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo Jr had warned that the revolution in Zambia would be bigger than in Egypt if oppressing of people’s freedom remains unabated.

He warned that if nothing was done to stop the oppression of people’s freedom one day the security wings will wake up in a rude shock when people will say enough is enough.

There are also other Zambians that have commented that what had happened in Egypt was warning to Zambia.

It is true that what is happening in Egypt is a warning to other nations that have not come to terms with democracy. But it would be premature to compare Egypt and Zambia.

Although Egypt continues to be super nation in Africa, the unprecedented events in Egypt would not occur in Zambia. There are so many reasons why Zambia would not walk the path of Egypt.

History has always told us that Egypt from the bible days had always been known as revolutionist country. It has also being known for toppling of its leaders through mass protest and military coup.

Egypt had never walked the path of democracy the only time they had tried to build democracy was under Morsi, but the nation failed to build democracy.

While Zambia has never walked this path. Besides, Zambia respects its leader and love peace. The respect for leaders in Zambia has always being misunderstood by many political players and commentators.

This is why politicians that were insensitive to people usually crushed out. At one, time, Dr.Kenneth Kaunda thought Zambia was his dynasty but he was voted out. Dr.Chiluba also thought Zambians were dull and stupid, but he was taught a lesson when he was arrested and prosecuted.

Fourth Republican president Rupiah Banda also thought Zambians were children and easily cheated with very expensive political campaign but he was rejected by the people he lavished with expensive gifts.

One thing so clear about Zambians is that Zambians were tolerant and slow to anger. Zambian people do not believe in violence as a way to champion progress.

Therefore, it would be wrong for anyone to evoke negative feeling among Zambians and provoke the nation to think that its democracy and peace had deteriorated.

Besides this, the current government is extremely aware of the character of Zambians, and they would not hide their heads in the sand.

Kelvin Esiasa – President Zambia Society for Public Administration and Society for Family​​​ Business