It’s the duty of political parties to monitor govt performance – Kabimba

MINISTER of Justice Wynter Kabimba says it’s the duty of political parties to monitor the performance of governments and determine their direction.

Addressing delegates to the first-ever conference preceding the council of African political parties, Kabimba who is PF secretary general leading the party delegation, said most parties on the continent only existed for election purposes and diminished thereafter.

Kabimba said the role of a political partys must be to promote the political consciousness of the people and drive the social and economic agenda of a nation.

“After all it’s the party that is the political authority with government being the administrative authority. A political party plays the role of the voice of the people because it’s the party that is given the mandate by the people to govern them and at the end of the term of government it’s the party that answers questions on the failures of government,” Kabimba said.