It’s irresponsible to call for Sata’s impeachment says Government

Sata arrivingIt is highly irresponsible for Dante Saunders to call for the impeachment of Republican President Michael Sata over the appointment of the Chief Justice, as reported in today’s Daily Nation Newspaper the Zambian Government has said.

Chief Government Spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni said in a statement which was made available to the Zambian Eye in Lusaka today February 4 2013. He said that the call is shallow, unresearched and unfounded as there is no such an appointment that the President has made in the office of the Chief Justice.

Sakeni said in any case, constitutional appointments by the President, including that of the Chief Justice, are subject to rigorous scrutiny by relevant oversight institutions, including parliament.

‘’The call for impeachment, therefore, does not arise as there are adequate safeguards in the appointment of constitutional office holders,” Sakeni said. ”Mr. Saunders may wish to know that Parliament comprises men and women of high integrity as representatives of the people who perform their duties diligently as has been demonstrated in the past.’’

He said It was, therefore, mischievous for Saunders to insinuate that Parliament has been endorsing illegalities in the appointment of constitutional office holders by the Executive. He further advised Saunders to desist from dwelling on speculations and displaying his ignorance on issues he least understands.

Employment finalThe chief Government Spokesperson said the Government also took great exception to Saunders’ allegation that Government wants to use the Judiciary, the Police, Drug Enforcement Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission and other wings of Government to fix its perceived political opponents.

He said such was a fallacy which we dismiss with the contempt it deserves adding that the Government had demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the rule of law and separation of powers among the three arms of Government.

Sakeni said the  Government, therefore, did not influence the operations of the Judiciary because it believes in a professional and independent Judiciary as seen in the fact that all suspects in the on-going corruption and abuse of Authority cases are enjoying their full rights as provided for in the country’s legal and justice system.