It is unGodly to keep quite while jobs are lost at KCM, says Bishop Kuhila

Bishop Joseph Kazhila

Bishop Joseph Kazhila

Press Statement by Life Gospel Fellowship Ministries International

It will be ungodly for the church to keep quite on the ills obtaining in the town of Chingola and Chililabombwe as the army of loafers is swelling because many employees have either lost or will loose jobs due to uncaring attitude and decisions Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has made or is making on its investments.

In my own view KCM’s action to throw out most contractors in the cold is very cruel and lacks merit because this action and approach is not helping the social well-being of the towns where it has active presence.

We know they must take cost saving measures in order to make profits but in so doing it should not kill the “hen which hatches the egg.”

We are therefore appealing and urging government to move in and save the few jobs of those still in some employment.

We shouldn’t pretend like all is well because the reality on the ground is loud and clear that our people are loosing jobs with the resultant massive suffering of their families which in turn affects the welfare the almost “bankrupt” town.

The powers that be (our government) must urgently address and redress this scenario with the urgency it deserves otherwise Chingola, the once booming town, will eventually be an habitation of wicked maladies and social disorders.

Trade unions too should wake up, be strong enough and speak for the employees whether they are their members or not. By keeping quite we are killing our nation and Chingola is now in a free fall economically mainly because the mining giant, on which it revolves, is deliberately killing businesses of various contractors by denying them jobs.

Meanwhile we also appeal to KCM to spare its direct employees over P.A.Y.E. because it’s the company and not staff who misdirected itself over ZRA deductions. It will not be fair to deduct the difference from serving employees whilst many others left jobs.

Will KCM follow them too and ask for what it did not deduct? Unions should come in and protect their members from being harassed by KCM. KCM should just swallow its pride and pay for every employee because it was them who made the mistake and not employees.

Bishop Joseph Kazhila –General Overseer Life Gospel Fellowship Ministries International