Is This The Change We Wanted

Sata-the-presidentBy Gift Tako Linyada Mbewe

I wonder how some brains operate. Is there a machine for memory check because most people need it? How can someone in their normal condition continue to give praise to this PF government?

People wanted change. Change means new ideas, change means new ways of doing things, change means stopping doing things which people perceives to be barbaric, undemocratic and unconstitutional, change means change in attitudes and all in all change should bring development.

For this reason MMD was booted out. Allow me to break it down and list things that made people boot out MMD which Sata himself highlighted and promised to fix and improve on them.

1. Printing of ballot papers – Sata is on record to have condemned MMD resume for printing ballot papers outside Zambia. He said government printers had the capacity to take on the printing of ballot papers. In whatever Sata said, he always mentioned waste of tax payer’s money and corruption. He attached the printing of ballot papers outside Zambia to waste of tax payers money and corruption. He said RB was getting money by printing ballot papers outside Zambia.

2. Sata was seen freely walking in markets without any disturbance condemning Chinese products. I remember on ZNBC TV he appeared holding a baby’s shoe and speaking in his usual horse voice, “surely, can we be importing such cheap products? This is something we can make in Zambia but this government does not care at all. Immediately I become president, these will be the thing of the past. We are going to have industries that will be making these products, in fact better”.

3. There was a time RB pushed  parliament to have his salary increased for him and for all constitutional offices. He proposed a 30% increase and Sata made a lot of noise. I mean Sata knows how to make someone really look like the devil himself, “when I become president, I will make sure every Zambian has three meals per day before I can increase my own salary. RB looked so evil for proposing for his salary increment and the post amplified it so much that it brought so much anger in people.

4. Sata called RB corrupt for deals in oil procurement, sell of Zamtel, etc. He told RB that he was very corrupt, shielding and protecting his people who were so corrupt, of course, through the post.

5. He said RB was employing his relatives and making deals with his children.

6. MMD and RB were condemned for violence’s during PF rallies and William Banda in particular was condemned to hell.

These and many other things made MMD lose popularity, made RB a devil but made Sata a messiah, a saint and a man who was to give people the change they wanted. Sata promised better and improve democratic Zambia, now a health mind, a normal person should be to asking, “are we any better with the new government?” Don’t worry; I will help your failing memory.

1. Ballot papers are still being printed outside Zambia. You know what this means ? Waste of tax payers money and corruption. (by the way we have more by-elections than ever before which means more waste of tax payers money and more corruption)

2. We still have cheap Chinese products.

3. Barely 5 months of PF being in power, Sata increased his salary and that of the constitutional offices by 100%! (wow!. Whatever they did to deserve that increment). At least RB pushed it to parliament but Sata just increased disregarding the law. It took Zambian watchdog, after four months, for us to know (do you believe the post and PF are in a pact?).

4. Kabimba corruptly procured oil and acc tried to investigate him, he refused to be questioned, he came with a bunch of cadres to acc offices (minister of justice!). GBM said publicly that he is in government for business. Sata told acc to ask him before investigating his ministers. (Fight of corruption!)

5. You and I know how many relatives Sata has given to in government. The missions are full of his relatives.

6. Any opposition political that tries to have a rally gets machete.

Now tell me what has changed? You must be a crack head to continue supporting this change because there is no change to talk about in the first place, same old crap. Please do not give me that crap that it is too early to judge because you don’t need time to allow opposition parties have political rallies.

Boma yama nyengwe!!!!