The outgoing president of the African Road Maintenance Fund Association (ARMFA), Ali Ipinge, has called on African road funds to reposition themselves and adopt new revenue collection instruments in the face of global threats.

Ipinge, who is also the chief executive officer of the Road Fund Administration (RFA), said that the user-pay principle is one instrument that has proven to provide financial stability for road maintenance and generate value and benefits for road users and the public globally.

“Countries such as Namibia, Mozambique and Zambia have also positioned themselves to not only fund road maintenance and rehabilitation from road user charges, but are going beyond their traditional mandate and undertaking new development and construction with government support,” he said at the ARMFA presidential handover ceremony in Swakopmund today.

Ipinge said such approaches allow for better planning and offer end-to-end solutions to prioritise road development.

Ipinge also called for the construction and design of climate-resilient roads of high standard following increased flooding and other natural disasters on the continent, which have caused damage to roads and loss of life.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency