Investor asks Zombe to stop giving away Kalambo Falls land

A LOCAL tourism investor in Mbala district has requested chief Zombe to stop giving away land surrounding the Kalambo Falls.

Geoffrey Chellah who is also proprietor of Lake Chila Lodge told The Post that most of the investors that were allocated land around the falls had engaged in deforestation.

“The solution is for his royal highness chief Zombe to stop giving these investors land around that area. The Kalambo Falls is part of the Northern Circuit that the government has earmarked for tourism, and it should remain in its natural beauty,” he said in an interview.

“Now, all the people that have been given land there are destroying the beauty of the falls. They are cutting down all the tress they find there and the place is literally bare. But we are promoting tourism in this country and the first thing we should do is preserve what we have, the natural vegetation and the infrastructure.