Ing’ombe Ilede councillor appeals for relief food

ING’OMBE ILEDE ward councillor Robison Sianduba says the opening of two spillways at Kariba Dam has resulted in food scarcity in his ward as most of the fields along the Zambezi River have been surbmerged in water.

Siandula has since appealed to the government to urgently provide relief food as people had no access to their crops.

He lamented that most of the people in his ward had nothing to eat also due to the poor rainfall pattern experienced.

And Siandula has asked the government to consider deploying police officers to curb the escalating level of lawlessness in his ward.

Sianduba said the lack of a police post in his ward had resulted in a number of criminal acts.

He said that at the moment the residents only rely on Lusitu Police Post where they report their cases which is very far.

Siandula said that having a police post would reduce theft in the area adding that livestock had recently been reported missing after allegedly being stolen by unknown people.