Impose a travel ban on known high profile PF bandits bankrolling bloodletting violence – Msoni

We call on the US state department and the European Union to seriously voice out concern on the deteriorating situation and the emerging culture of lawlessness and state sponsored violence engulfing the country, charges Nason Msoni.

Msoni a political activists says measures needs to be taken immediately to prevent the deteriorating situation in Zambia.

“Impose a travel ban on known high profile PF bandits bankrolling bloodletting violence in the country,” Msoni said in a statement to Zambian Eye, Wednesday.” We call for specific smart sanctions targeting the actual high profile perpetrators using looted state resources to foment anarchy and lawlessness.”

“We further call for the immediate freeze on the personal assets of those behind the bloodletting violence and their looted state resources held in off-shore accounts held abroad in the interest of peace and justice for the Zambian people,” he adds “The escalating levels of violence is clearly pointing to premeditated criminal activity painting a likelihood and possibility of genocide being committed if not curbed at the earliest opportunity.”

We call on our regional brothers and sisters in the SADC region to condemn in the strongest term the emerging culture of lawlessness, impunity and premeditated state sponsored violence taking rooting in Zambia. We don’t believe that voicing out legitimate concerns on the polarization spinning-out of control in the country can be deemed to amount to interference in internal affairs of Zambia.

Msoni says he thinks it is within the parameters of the SADC regional protocols to engage with Zambia as a member state where it is prudent to help sustain and maintain peace to do so at the earliest opportunity.

“It is apparent for all to see that police will not act to bring to book the actual high profile masterminds and perpetrators responsible of bankrolling violence and those behind the killing and maiming’s of victims of state sponsored violence as they enjoy high level state protection,” he says.

We believe that time is now ripe for the international community to act in unison in the interest of the overwhelming majority of the Zambian people by condemning the state of lawlessness and impunity unleashed by a state sponsored militia terrorizing innocent citizens and putting public safety at real risk.