‘Implement Zambia’s sound policies’


A STUDY conducted by the Zambian Governance Foundation (ZGF) has revealed that Zambia has progressive policy formulation which if well implemented will accelerate development.

The study has also revealed that the country has a well-defined policy-making process which was well-articulated in Government documents such as the Vision 2030 and the Sixth National Development Plan(SNDP).

It states that some districts, such as Mpika and Isoka in Muchinga Province had gone a step further by having District Annual Investments Plans up to the Area Development Committee level.

The study, however, states that while the policy was well-defined and articulated in Government documents, the policy formulation framework in Zambia remained complex and involved many different actors, some of whom may be overlooked as not being important.

ZGF is an independent body that offers capacity development and funding in support of civil society development in Zambia.