“I’m now called mad but Zambians need me”

By President Fr Frank Bwalya

They say we must stop criticizing them, that we are making noise, while others are calling me mad, but the people of Zambia need mad people like me who will talk for them when fuel prices go abnormally up, when meal meal prices go up and someone only worries about why the State House grass is going brown.

Zambian people need people like me who will make sure that these people who they voted for are put to task, I assure you that without anyone questioning what these guys are doing, no Zambian will benefit from anything except the same selfish leaders you sent to power.

1. Does Kambwili pay Zesco bill?
2. Does Kambwili rent a house?
3. Does he get on a bus?
4. Does he know the price of mealie meal?

This is our country, and no one will stop me from talking for you!!

Fr. Frank Bwalya is a Catholic Priest who heavily campaigned to help the current government in Zambia. Last week he announced that he will be forming a political party to offer effective opposition to the current government which he says has failed to live upto its promises. This followed his resignation as Chairman of ZESCO Board.